What Are the Possible Ways to Make an Anonymous Payment?

From time to time, for one reason or another, any person needs to make a payment, while maintaining their anonymity. The reasons may be legitimate. At least - not everyone today likes to disclose to whom, where and why he or she is transferring money. The idea of anonymous payments is not without meaning: modern cybersecurity specialists are able to identify a person by scattered data on three non-cash purchases from a credit card. And for this, it’s not even necessary to know the credit card number or the exact payment address - by collecting data on the type of store, the amount or time of shopping, any user can be identified within 24 hours.

The first thing that comes to mind is cash. But this is not always convenient - the physical address of the same online stores can be located in a small town or somewhere in the Philippines. Fortunately, there are many opportunities to transfer money to a particular account without revealing yourself. Learn more about how to make anonymous payments https://ezzocard.com/anonymous-payments.


Sometimes, the simplest and most obvious solution may be the most correct. Modern electronic payment systems - Global Money, Wallet One, - allow you to carry out most of our usual banking operations via the Internet (especially if you lightly feed the paranoid living in the shower and carry out transactions from areas with public Wi-Fi or from an Internet cafe).

Mobile money

Use money from your mobile phone account to pay for services on the Internet, and make money transfers to other numbers and cards. A similar service is already fully operational with many operators. The corresponding service allows the user to pay for almost everything that can be paid through electronic wallets.

Prepaid cards

A prepaid card is a bank card that can be purchased even without a passport and code in any bank branch or in retail stores. Activation of the card is carried out by a mobile phone number, which then serves to block, check the balance and connect to the bank's call-center.

The advantage of this card is that it can be used both for online payments and for settlements in ordinary stores. The functionality of such a card is no different from the usual bank payment tool. In addition, the card has no age restrictions. You can replenish the card through cash desks and ATMs of the bank, transfers from other payment cards or even from a mobile phone account.

Such anonymous payment tools are practically devoid of flaws - especially if, after activation, the SIM-card is discarded. Perhaps their only drawback is the restrictions on the maximum amount of transfers, and the limit on a one-time withdrawal of money. Otherwise, prepaid cards provide the user with all the benefits of a bank card, negating its disadvantages.