Recommendations on How to Get a Credit Avoiding Scammers

When consulting with representatives of a bank on a loan, ask specific questions about the amount of your payments and overpayments, commissions. Be sure to check that these amounts comply with those prescribed in the contract. When it came to fines, it’s almost impossible to prove that you were counting on other credit conditions. Therefore, it is worth negotiating with the creditor in writing. Written evidence is important so that, in which case, you can defend your actions in court. To avoid court cases, check the credible sites to see the rating of the bank before applying for credit online.

Don’t Be Tempted to Increase the Amount of a Loan

Sometimes banks play on the desire to save. For example, they invite customers like this: “If you take a loan now, then you will have to pay interest less.” This is speculation: for serious organizations, interest is fixed. If the percentage can change, think: will it not grow when you already take a loan? Also, some banks use the phrase "without proof of income and with any credit history." Most often, this is the manipulation of offices that issue microloans. Banks also do not always need a credit history.

What If the Bank Deducted Money from the Card?

Suppose you had a credit card debt at a bank in which you also get paid. At some point, you may find that an impressive amount has been withdrawn from your payroll account. We can talk about tens of thousands of dollars. This is an automatic repayment of credit card debt, which is far from always legal, but it is possible to rectify the situation. In the event that an unlawful collection has occurred, the lawyer advises contacting the bank's hotline and drawing up a written request for a refund. As an option - send it additionally in the form of a scan copy to the bank's email. Take care of personal information.

Keep Your Private Information Safe

It seems to many people that applying to the bank for a small amount is burdensome. Most often, borrowers prefer getting microloans. In fact, it’s better to get a small loan at the bank. A bank or microfinance organization must act officially and be registered with the bank. Otherwise, there is a risk of running into scammers. For example, there are sites on the Internet that allegedly issue loans online. You enter information about yourself, information from the passport. This is exactly what scammers need. They will not give you any credit, but they can arrange it for you in a real bank. You should be careful and learn about the lending sites before choosing your first credit.