What Risks Does CASCO Insurance Cover?

Car insurance will allow you to feel more confident in any insurance case. You will save you time and money. In this case, the amount of regular payments under the insurance policy will be significantly less than the amount you spend on restoring your car or buying a new vehicle. Check what situations are covered by the insurance 2 go and why you need to insure your vehicle.

What Insurance Risks Does Auto Insurance Cover?

Don't know whether you need to spend money on insurance or not? Before insuring your auto or any other kind of vehicle, make sure you are aware of your rights. Here is the list of insurance risks that an auto insurance covers:

  • Full CASCO (insurance against damage and theft)
  • damage (insurance against damage only)
  • additional equipment (insurance of out-of-the-box radios, acoustic systems, antennas, disks, etc.)
  • civil liability of the driver (insurance of liability to third parties for damage to their property, life or health; losses are covered for victims who are not covered by the program of compulsory insurance of liability of car owners)
  • an accident (insurance of the driver and passengers in the event of death or injury due to road accidents).

Variants of automobile insurance: a classic insurance for 1 year, short-term, until the first insured event, with liability on weekends, is guilty-innocent or limited liability for the winter period.

Get CASCO "All Inclusive" - Feel Free of Risks!

Insurance of land transport according to CASCO is carried out on the basis of All Risks (insurance against all risks). In addition to traditional risks, such as: "Theft", "Damage resulting from an accident", losses as a result of natural disasters, fire, illegal actions of third parties, you can also get the compensation of losses caused as a result of the external physical impact of other accidental and unforeseen events.

  • Hijacking. Illegal seizure of a vehicle by theft, robbery. This risk covers theft of a vehicle anywhere, at any time;
  • Damage as a result of an accident. Any damage or destruction of the insured by the vehicle hull, its individual parts or additional equipment due to a traffic accident;
  • Damage due to other events (abduction of certain parts of the car, damage to the vehicle insured by the vehicle insurance, as a result of illegal actions of third parties, natural disaster, fire, external physical impact of other unforeseen events, if such events are not an exception from the insurance claims under the insurance contract).

As you can see, car insurance can help you to forget about risks and enjoy driving your vehicle!