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Saturday Hours at Northwood Plaza are changing

Effective January 2015, our Saturday hours at our Northwood Plaza location will be for Drive Thru traffic only. 

The Drive Thru will be open from 9AM - 12PM on Saturdays. Lobby hours are being discontinued effective January 2015 for security reasons. 

We appreciate your understanding and remember to utilize our ATM, Night Drop, and Online Banking for service during Non-Business hours. 


Phishing and Malware Campaign Notice 

The holiday season provides increased opportunities for malicious actors to conduct seasonal phishing and malware campaigns as a means to gain unauthorized access to computer systems.  Over the course of the holiday season, please continue to practice safe browsing and to evaluate e-mails, SMS messages, and other communications with a critical eye.

Please be aware that cyber actors may leverage the sales, good will, and other aspects of the holiday season to entice individuals into opening attachments, clicking links, or installing software that contains malicious code or collects personal information. Customers should practice safe internet browsing both on personal and corporate computer systems. 

Potential attack vectors include:

  • Seasonal E-Cards/E-mails
  • E-mails/In-mails on social networking sites
  • Fraudulent posts on social networking sites
  • Fake advertisements
  • Fake shipping notifications, with attachments or links to view the notice
  • Charity scams

Protective measures against phishing scams and malware campaigns include:

  • Maintain up-to-date antivirus software'
  • Maintain up-to-date, patched software (operating systems, internet browsers, Adobe Flash, Silverlight, etc...)
  • Do not follow unsolicited web links in email, text, or chat messages
  • Use ad-blocking software to avoid 'malvertising' and potential downloading of malicious content
  • Enable "click to play" in your internet browser to avoid automatically playing embedded content on a web page (i.e. news sites, Facebook, etc...)
  • Do not open unexpected attachments
  • Save and virus scan attachments before opening them
  • Do not provide personal or corporate information over the phone, through a website, or via email to unknown persons or to an unsecure web site. 
  • Verify the identity of the person with whom you are communicating

A link to the US-CERT informational alert and additional resources and information may be found here:


Debit Card Use in South Florida (Dade & Broward Counties) restricted to PIN BASED TRANSACTIONS ONLY!

Due to recent fraudulent activity involving debit card use in South Florida, we have restricted card use in Dade & Broward counties to PIN based only. You must use your card as a “debit” and enter your PIN number. If you need to reset your PIN number, please visit one of our branch locations. If you plan to travel to that area, please ensure you select Debit when using your card and enter your PIN number.









ProBank is aware of this most recent breach.  We have identified cardholders that may be affected and are being proactive in issuing new cards. 

If your card was used during the breach period, April 11, 2014-September 7, 2014, you will be issued a new card along with a letter of instruction regarding activation.

If you have concerns about your account or this compromise please contact an account representative at either of our branch locations. ProBank is diligent in identifying card fraud and has measures in place for early detection.  We appreciate your patience during this time.




Blocking of Foreign Debit Card Transactions Begins in August

In an effort to protect our customers, we will begin blocking debit card transactions that are initiated in countries that have some of the highest reported debit card fraud. This blocking action will be effective August 15, 2014.

If you plan to travel outside of the US and need to use your debit card during your travels, please let us know of your plans so we can ensure your card will work properly for the duration of your travels, even in a blocked country.

The current list of countries that will be blocked from debit card transactions are: Ukraine, Indonesia, Serbia/Montenegro, Slovenia, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Croatia, Lithuania, Egypt, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia, Pakistan, Malaysia, Israel, Nigeria & India.

This list may be modified from time to time based on current fraud trends.  





The FDIC published a new Spring 2014 Conumer Newsletter with details regarding Savings and Investments, Refinancing Options, and Consumer Alerts. This link will take you to the FDIC website where you can view and download the newsletter.  



Phishing & Fraud

ProBank will never contact you and ask for personal financial or identifying information over the phone, by text, or e-mail. ProBank already has your information and will not have a need to ask. 

We do have a 24/7 debit card monitoring service that may call to verify potentially fraudulent transactions on your debit card. They will not ask you for information such as your account number or PIN number. This company can already see your card number from the transaction, and they have no need for your PIN. 

If you are ever contacted by phone or e-mail by someone who claims to work for ProBank asking for personal financial information, please hang up and call us at 850-681-PRO1 (7761) to report this fraudulent activity.









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